The Campus INpower program is dedicated to training hundreds of student organizers at universities across the nation to establish large-scale campus sustainability funds, while helping connect these actions to a federal clean energy investment agenda.  Our trainings offer cutting-edge portfolios of 7 different funding mechanisms, project ideas and training resources for initiatives such as: energy efficiency, clean transportation, development of energy-related curricula, student innovation contests, living laboratory projects, and student energy job corps.  Campus INpower is committed to forwarding a new paradigm of student organizing which recognizes and embodies the essential role of students as thought-leaders, decision-makers and change-makers on their campus and in the world.

Campus INpower will also empower students to impact national policy.  Campus INpower is part of a larger national effort called the IN campaign — which stands for inspire, invest, and innovate — to get the next President and Congress to invest at least $50 billion per year to make clean energy cheap and end our dependence on oil.  These investments would support a National Energy Education Act, help to build a new electrical grid, recharge Detroit with new electric vehicles, and drive down the price of clean energy technologies and infrastructure.

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