September 24th, 2008

by Keith Brower Brown, Campus INpower Associate

We liftoff in 10 days. Which is to say, in 10 days, Rachel Barge boards a plane a launches into the intellectual stratosphere of our nation: the colleges and sustainability conferences that are helping to drive the country forward on all matters energy and environment. Here at Campus INpower, we’re thrilled for the chance to give student organizers the tools they want and need for their campaigns. This journey marks our first step in our effort to bring hundreds of new sustainability funds and projects to the country, and to advance the call for federal clean energy investment.

Lift off!!!
Lift off!!!

To get ready for these heady tasks, we’ve been working hard on our toolkits to make them the most useful and practical guides… ever. Or so we hope. This has meant a lot of interviews with student campaigners and campus staff at schools with successful sustainability funds and projects.

Their stories have been incredible and inspiring (a side note: bloggers at our campaign are actually required to use puns related to “in” a minimum of nine times per entry). From the Wind and Solar Education program at Frostburg State in Maryland, to the sweet array of innovative programs out at UT Austin’s student-run Campus Environmental Center, it’s been terrific to learn from the campus pioneers coming up with answers to the energy challenges of our fair country.

Another major focus of our work has been to get all of our materials presentable, legible, and pretty for the roll-out. Rachel and I roped in some graphic design skillz from our co-workers at the IN Campaign, and thanks to Steve Jobs, things are looking pretty good (he’s basically honorary staff at this point).  Currently our toolkits are chock full of dense info about loan financing and alumni organizing, which is electrifying for sure, but we’re determined to add some visual zing just for kicks.

After a detailed profiling of different universities and conferences across the country, we’ve planned out a national campus tour to hit up the biggest and boldest of them all. We want to reach the most people possible–so take a look at our “Tour” page to see if we’re coming to your neighborhood this year. Look forward to seeing you!

Wont you be...?
Won’t you be…?

Welcome to Campus INpower

September 21, 2008

Welcome to Campus INpower!